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Featured Songs

Check out these featured songs to get an idea of what the studio is churning out these days. (right-click on the song title, and choose "Save link as.." or "Save target as.." to download)

Dallas - Alaska & Me
February - Austin Gibbs
Thread The Line - Before Braille
Hussy - Black Carl
Dirty Wine - Black Carl
The Glass - Black Carl
Bad News - Dear and the Headlights
Talk About - Dear and the Headlights
No Struggle, No Harm - Dorsey
Like Father, Like Son - Dorsey
God Keeps Me Alive - Gospel Claws
The City Is A Symbol - Heist At Hand
Qualms - Heist At Hand
Final Score - Heist At Hand
Maker's Mark - JD Stooks
Lonely Love - Joel Plaskett
I Follow through - Juicy Newt
Radiance - Life in Stereo
Somehow - Life in Stereo
Thick and Thin - Nate Stone
Rest - Neba
It's Over Now - Poem (Matt Gilbert)
Let Down - Robot Tank
Is This Email An SOS? - Runaway Diamonds
Itty Bitty Thoughts - Runaway Diamonds
Lucy - Seven Car Pileup
Cast Off Dance Off - Shark Speed
NEW - I'm A Machine - Shark Speed
We Don't - Sister Cities
Swallowed Bombs - Sugar High
Bright Eyes Will Let You Down - Telescope
I'll Drive Tonight - Telescope
Did You Say - The Breadwinners
The Life Hirise - The Foxglove Hunt
The Mayflower Compact - The Foxglove Hunt
Alone And You Like It - The Foxglove Hunt
I Don't Believe In Nothing - The Malady
The Mystery - Tugboat
If I Cannot See Your Eyes - What Laura Says
Shake It - xrayok
Try Me - xrayok