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Flying Blanket Recording - Hello there


 Flying Blanket Recording - Mesa, Arizona

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Welcome to the online home of Flying Blanket Recording and producer/engineer Bob Hoag. 

The studio is a two-room facility located in Mesa, Arizona (a suburb of Phoenix). We specialize in analog recording and mixing, but both rooms are also equipped with Pro Tools HD 3 Accel.

We have some of the best vintage gear you can get - and we don't only have toys for the kids behind the glass. We're proud of our collection of vintage guitars, basses, amps, keyboards, and drums, as well as a bevy of other weird instruments.

As a producer, I really care about all of the records I work on, and hopefully I'll help you to make a record that's just a little bit better than you thought you were capable of. And maybe a little unique from all of the other records floating around out there. (You know, originality seems to be a dying concept these days.)

You'll find mp3s of a good deal of my work on this site, which are free to download, as well as complete gear lists with photos and descriptions.

Our studio is located in the heart of historic Mesa, in a completely converted 3500-sq ft house, built in 1947. We have two lounges, a full eat-in kitchen with all the necessary appliances, laundry and shower facilities, as well as accomodations for out-of-town bands. 

Studio A is fully equipped with a 1978 Neve Custom 8078 Music Console, plus five channels of Neve 1079s, a Studer 800 2" 24-track analogue tape machine, and an Ampex ATR-102 1/2" mixdown tape machine, as well as a massive collection of vintage and modern outboard gear, as well as Pro Tools HD3 Accel which is configured to make flying between tape and PT easy. There are three live rooms for Studio A - a large one (Huerta Room) with 15' ceilings and vintage oak floors, a medium one (Rincon Room) with 9' ceilings with vintage oak floors, and a smaller, dead isolation hallway.  The three rooms make this an ideal studio to track a full band in.

Studio A also includes a large collection of guitars, amps, and drums (mostly vintage), as well as two vintage pianos, a Yahama electric piano, and a bevy of additional instruments and percussion.

Studio B (Reposa Room) is fully equipped with a late 70s, hand-wired Amek 2500 36-channel console, Pro Tools HD3 Accel, and another big pile of great vinatge and new outboard gear. The live room, while not too big, still boasts vintage oak floors and was designed to sound like a much larger room. We think it sounds pretty great!  This is a great room for smaller overdub and voiceover projects.  Please contact us for a complete gear list for Studio B.

Take a look around the site, please check out the mp3s (and there's a lot of variety there), browse the gear lists, look at pictures of old drums, and check out the photos of the studio!





Available Now!

This Is Flying Blanket, Volume II - Studio Compilation CD

We're proud to announce our second official CD release - a jaw dropping 20-song compilation CD that chronicles producer/engineer Bob Hoag's work over the past year or so, as well as being a great showcase for a lot of amazing Arizona bands.

Featuring exclusive songs from Dear and the Headlights, Sister Cities, Courtney Marie Andrews, Gospel Claws, Kinch, Black Carl, and Neba, plus new tracks by Austin Gibbs, Back Ted-N-Ted, Brian DeMarco, Shark Speed, The Smith Brothers Band, The Love Me Nots, The Foxglove Hunt, Seven Car Pileup, La Catrin, Hot Skin, Super Stereo, What Laura Says, and Telescope.

Click on the link above to buy directly from us using PayPal. The CD is only $8 including shipping (US only please). If you are from outside the US, email us for a shipping price.  You can also pick up a copy at Stinkweeds, any Zia location, Hoodlums, or Fair Trade Cafe in Phoenix.

Now Available: Flying Blanket T-Shirts



Also Available

This is Flying Blanket Volume 1

Featuring songs from Dear and the Headlights, Black Carl, Tugboat, the Go Reflex, Dorsey, POEM, Heist at Hand, Art For Starters, Neba, and more...

The song info for the comp is available - just click on "Compilation" above.    You can buy it at Stinkweeds as well as a few other joints in town.  You also can get one from us.